If you suspect that your account might be compromised, the first step is to reset the passwords of your email address and PlayStation Network accounts. Click the button below for instructions to change your PlayStation Network account password using the PlayStation 4 interface:

If you are unsure about your current password, or your current password is not working anymore visit our page about password reset methods.

How do I improve account security?

It is advised to set up purchase verification using your password, so every transaction through the PlayStation Network store needs to be verified using your account password. This will ensure your PlayStation Network account is secure and no unintended purchases will be made on your behalf. You can activate this setting in the [Account Management] menu by enabling [Require password at checkout].

Can I get a refund for the purchases made when my account was compromised?

If a purchase was made as result of your account being compromised, call customer support to request a refund. Make sure that you have the following info by hand:

  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Sign-in ID 
  • Your Online ID or online nickname
  • Details of any unwanted purchases

Do you have all the required information?