Updates to the software of your PlayStation contain improvements to the system like bug fixes, improved stability and new features.

When a software update becomes available for your PlayStation system you will be prompted with an automatic update request as soon as you start your PlayStation 4 system.

I am not getting the latest software update. How do I fix this?

Please note: It is recommended that your PlayStation system has double the amount of free space required for the software update. For instance, a 25 GB update will need 50 GB of space on your console.

  1. Try to restart the download by selecting [Notifications] and scrolling to the download file. Press the Options button and select [Delete]. Then view the game in the [Library], press the Options button and select [Check for Update].
  2. If you have problems automatically updating the software of your PlayStation, you can try to update it by starting your PS4 in Safe Mode. Learn how to do this by clicking the button below:
  3. If the update does not work, you can try reinstalling the system's software. Attention: All the saved data and users will be deleted if you reinstall the system software. Create a backup of your configuration before attempting this method. Click the button and follow the step-by-step instructions:
  4. If none of these steps help, it might be possible that your system needs a repair. Please visit our Fix & Replace tool to schedule a repair.