If you’re having problems playing or loading games on your PlayStation 4, here are a few ways you can troubleshoot the issue and try to fix it.

My PlayStation is not reading the game disc

  1. Eject the disc, and clean its shiny side with a clean soft cloth.
  2. Try another disc to identify if the issue is with your console or with the specific game. You can try any disc compatible with your PlayStation 4, such as a Blu-Ray disc or DVD. If the console plays this disc, the first disc is faulty and you will have to return it to the retailer for a replacement. If your PlayStation 4 won’t run any discs, you may have to update its software.

My game is not loading after an update

  1. If a game isn’t working after you’ve downloaded an update for it from PlayStation Store, you should delete the download file and try again. Go to Notifications and scroll to the relevant download file. Press the Options button and select Delete.
  2. Go back to the game in your Library, press the Options button and select Check for Update.

The DLC for my PS4 game is not working

If your downloadable content (DLC) does not appear while playing a previously bought game disc, it’s possible that the content is not compatible. For example, if your PlayStation Network (PSN) account is registered in the UK and you purchased the game disc from Asia, your DLC will be from the UK PlayStation Store and will not be compatible with your disc.

  1. Check that your disc and your account are from the same region. To find out what region your PSN account is registered in, sign in to the Sony Entertainment Network website. Go to Account and open Account Details. Scroll down to the Country/Region section.

What is downloadable content (DLC)?

You can think of DLC as expansion packs for a video game. DLC might consist of extra cars and race tracks for a racing game, new weapons and maps for a first-person shooter game, or a whole new storyline for a role-playing fantasy game. Find out more about DLC in our article You Got Game part 2: Post-purchase purchases.

My PlayStation 4 is not running any games

If the problem is not related to a specific game disc or download, you may be experiencing software issues. The following steps may help you to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Make sure that your PS4 has the latest software update installed. Go to Settings and then System Software Update. If you see a message that “An update file has been downloaded”, you will have to install the software update on your PlayStation 4.

  2. If you had problems updating the software of your PlayStation 4 using the instructions above, you can update it manually. This involves downloading the latest system software update to your computer and saving the file on a USB storage device to upload it to your PS4. You will need a USB drive with at least 460 MB of available storage.

  3. If your PS4 software appears to be up to date but the disc drive isn’t reading game discs properly – or if you’re experiencing performance issues like slow or stuttering gameplay – then rebuilding your PS4 database can help to resolve these problems. This is a simple maintenance procedure (comparable to defragging your computer) that frees up system memory, and does not delete any of your games or data. To rebuild the database of your PlayStation 4, you have to turn it off and start it in Safe Mode.

  4. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the system software of your PS4. This will restore your PlayStation console to its factory settings, so you will lose all your saved games and content if you do not first backup your data on an external hard drive.

  5. If none of the steps above resolved the issue, please visit our Fix & Replace page to arrange for your PlayStation console to be serviced.

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