The world of gaming is an inclusive space which brings people together from all over the world. Through the magic of the internet, PlayStation systems allow your family to connect with a community of over 30 million PS Plus subscribers. Amazing, but also a bit overwhelming. If you want to be in the loop, understanding how people communicate on PlayStation Network and who can be found on the other side of the line is essential.

Let’s be friends

Playing a game solo can be a great experience, but there are also a lot of great online multiplayer games in which team play is often essential. Playing these games together with other people while communicating through a headset takes the gaming experience to a whole different level.

Through PlayStation Network (PSN) becoming friends with players met in a game, or players already known in real life, is as easy as one-two-three. All the info needed to send a friend request is the Online ID of another player. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry — as a family manager, you are able to control who your child can interact with online.


Communication through PSN is not only available when playing online. PSN users can even chat when they’re not at home. The PlayStation app, available for Android and IOS, gives you the same messaging and sharing options available on the PS4 system. After logging in with PSN account details, the app is connected to your PSN account. This gives the option to share a screenshot or short video of a hard-earned victory or trophy with a friend, by simply using the attachment option found right below the text box. Non-gaming content can be sent too, as well as personal images through a smartphone’s camera or PlayStation Eye camera. If you would like to keep track of a child account’s communication, installing the PSN app yourself is a handy tool.

Party in the chat

Ever watched your little ones playing an online multiplayer game and heard frantic screams from other players coming through the headphones or speakers? That’s probably because they have joined a party chat with a few friends, a feature that is part of the PlayStation Network and can be used outside of gameplay. The advantage of this feature is that users have full control over who joins, so they won’t have to listen to unknown players talking in-game. A party chat allows up to seven other PSN buddies to join and is an easy way to avoid having to listen to unwanted player chat.

All in all, gaming can truly be a social activity when players aren’t in the same physical space, creating new friendships and connecting with other players who share the same passion for gaming. We hope this article has given you more insight into the different ways a PlayStation allows someone to connect to other players, and how you can control some of these channels to make sure communication is fun and friendly, as it should be.