Unfortunately, theft isn’t restricted to the physical world. When it comes to online marketplaces, there is an opportunity for scammers to try to access players’ payment information. But don’t despair; digital thieves are easily kept at bay by using some common sense and these simple safety tips:

You. Shall not. Pass (word).

This one is obvious. Protecting your account starts with choosing a strong password. We know, it can be tricky to create a strong and unique password for every account, but this is a vital step in protecting your data and your bank account. Using a single password for multiple accounts comes with a lot of risk. If one service gets hacked, multiple accounts are instantly compromised. Also, be careful to not to use any public info in your password. You’d be surprised how much someone can discover about you with some basic online research. Your child’s birthday or your place of birth don’t make for a strong password.

Stay one step ahead

If your creative and unique password does get compromised, 2-Step verification is here to save the day. When enabled, 2-Step verification will send a text message to your mobile phone with a code required to log in. For many people, this extra step provides a comforting extra layer of protection.

Two-step verification also stumps potential scammers by preventing password changes. If someone were to gain access to your account and attempt to lock you out, they would need the access codes sent to your mobile phone to do so. Once you receive the code, you can simply change the PSN password yourself and lock the scammer out.

Knowledge is power

Sharing all this knowledge with the little people in your household is essential of course. Knowing how to properly set up, manage, and protect accounts is an ever-important facet of our digital age. But it doesn’t stop at creating a strong password and setting up 2-Step verification. As with all forms of online interaction, young players need to be well informed about how to stay safe and secure.

Here are a few safety tips for kids using PSN:

  • Never willingly share your account details, or unwillingly by clicking on phishing links, for instance.
  • Ignore any requests sent by unknown players in-game.
  • Only trade or party with friends you know in the real world or ask for adult permission when adding a new friend.

In addition to these simple tips for the kids to follow, parents and guardians can set limitations on online access, age ratings, spending limits and what content is suitable.

Stay safe!