PlayStation 4 is a great place for the whole family to play. And it can be hard to stay in control of how your children enjoy their free time with the system, but Family Management for PS4 is designed to make it a little easier. You can visit the Sony Entertainment Network website from your laptop or mobile phone to create PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts for your children. This allows you to set parental controls on their accounts, so you can tailor restrictions to each child. PlayStation 4’s Family Management only takes five minutes to set up!

Create an account for your child and set parental controls

The first step to setting parental controls for children on PlayStation 4 is to create a secure account for each child. Only adults can register for a PSN account, so if a child attempts to create an account on PlayStation 4 they will be prompted to ask an adult to take over. You can sign-in to your account on the Sony Entertainment Network website to create accounts for your children with Family Management. These child accounts are linked to yours, and allow you to establish safe boundaries according to the ages of your children.

It only takes 5 minutes on your laptop or phone to create an account for your child. Then you can set limits and permissions on the account, such as how many hours per day a child can play, how much they can spend per month on games and in-game purchases, their age level for access to games and content, and more. Click the button below for step-by-step instructions on how to set parental controls from a web browser.

You can find out more about security features for your PlayStation Network (PSN) account in our article How do I set up and manage 2-Step Verification for my PlayStation Network (PSN) account? or learn more about the games your kids love in You Got Game part 1: What does 'free-to-play’ mean? and How to find your family’s next favourite game: 3 tips. If you require further assistance, try searching for a solution to your issue on the main PlayStation support website.